Margery-B---Headshot-SquareHi Friends – past, present and future – welcome to my website!

I was born in Melbourne, Australia.  Curiously, a place I never felt I belonged, although I cannot explain why, even to myself.

As a child, rather than reading comics, I devoured my dad’s copy of the National Geographic Magazine, adding fuel to my dream of travelling.   For my 21st birthday, my mother gave me the most amazing present of a year-long trip around the world, in a bid to rid me of my itchy feet!

In fact, it had the opposite effect, and a year later I left Australia for good and moved to Europe, eventually settling in England, where I now live.

I’ve been blessed with an adventurous spirit and boundless energy, both of which I have needed for my eventful life encompassing worldwide travel, romance, adventure – and some dangerous moments, including a few narrow escapes!

There has been, as well, a lot of hard work.  A busy career in Public Relations gave way to becoming co-founder of the European School of Osteopathy, with my first husband.  When I retired as Principal, I wrote a history of the School under the title Tree of Life.  This was the beginning of my writing career.

Extraordinary circumstances in 2010 led to my meeting again with the Norwegian I had loved in my youth, and with whom there had been no contact in 50 years.  We quickly rediscovered our love but, cruelly, he would only live another year.

His dying wish was that I should write our story. Full Circle is the result.

My zest for life has never diminished, and in case you are wondering, I am 36 – permanently!

Margery Bloomfield


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